How to Prepare for a Big Job Interview

After months of applying and weeks of waiting, you’ve finally heard back from your top-choice job inviting you to interview with them in-person. Aside from prepping for some interview questions, what else should you do to get ready for your big day?

Practice Your Smile

Believe it or not, people who smile a lot during an interview are far more likely to be offered the position, even if they are slightly less qualified than other candidates! Therefore, you should practice your smile in the mirror. You don’t want a gaping, unnatural smile, so work on an effortless smile that conveys how excited you are to be there without being over the top.

Even more, if you’re going to smile a lot, then you need to make sure that your teeth look good. Contact teeth whitening east los angeles providers to schedule an appointment to get your teeth whitened so you can wow your interviewer with a bright and white smile.

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Professional Outfit

Appearance is everything when it comes to interviewing in person. The company already knows that you’re qualified for the position, that’s why they chose to interview you in the first place! Instead, they are looking to see how you fit in with the company culture when you interview in-person at the company’s office.

Therefore, you need to put together a professional outfit. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed, and it’s best to stick to classic styles.


Even though the company has already seen your resume and cover letter it is always best to bring multiple copies with you to an interview.

It is likely that the person interviewing you had no role in selecting you for the interview and therefore has not seen your resume at all! Even more, you never know how many people are going to be interviewing you and you don’t want to make the interviewers share documents.

Don’t bring your important documents in a flimsy folder. Invest in a professional-looking padfolio that will show your interviewer that you are serious about the position.

Interviewing in-person can be scary, but as long as you practice your smile, put together a professional outfit, and bring your important documents you’ll stand out as the perfect candidate!